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This ebook aims to provide scholars with a list of the latest maximum and minimum declinations reached by each star during its precessional cycle. Since his first publications in the field of Stellar Astrology, the author has highlighted a factor completely ignored by common astrology, namely the extraordinary importance of the precessional cycle of stars for the most important events in human history, including the so-called "sacred" history, which has to do with the creation of new myths, cults and religions. Each star has a cycle of about 26,000 years whose starting point can be fixed at the moment of reaching its minimum declination. Within the annual solar cycle, we can associate this phase with the winter solstice. From that moment, the star slowly begins to rise in declination, until (about 13,000 years later) it reaches its maximum declination. This is also a very important phase, comparable to that of the Sun when it is at the Summer Solstice.The stars that reach their minimum or maximum declination really have a particular power, even on ordinary events, and this power extends far beyond that period, as it encompasses the whole precessional cycle of the star. In other words, it extends for 26,000 years, that is, the time span from the minimum declination until the star reaches a new minimum. Similarly, the maximum declination reached by the star 13,000 years later will remain a particularly sensitive point until reaching a new maximum, always 26,000 years later.This means that the points on the horizon where a star rises (and sets) when it reaches the two extreme declinations also remain effective for a period of 26,000 years. The star leaves its "imprint" on that direction of space for this very long period of time, with the consequence that it and what lies along it will be powerfully influenced by the star itself. During its cycle, the star will rise and set gradually in other points of the horizon, but they retain this effectiveness only for the period in which the star is there, therefore they are less suitable for realizing alignements destined to challenge the millennia. Every star in these two extreme phases has greater initiatory powers, to the point that it can mark the beginning of new cults, religions or the so-called Mysteries, and can also foster individual Enlightenment experiences. This list of the extreme declinations of the stars will benefit not only archaeoastronomy scholars, but also those of astrology and astrological magic: given the real effectiveness of these techniques, their application in these fields can open up new research perspectives and bring to extraordinary results. Some of them have already been illustrated in the second volume of the book La Matrix Stellare.

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